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Colorful, Joyful, and Symbolic Gifts for Your Best Guys and Gals

Let Valentine’s Day be a time to celebrate all the people you love, admire, and love to like. From friends and neighbors to your friends who feel like family and coworkers who have become your best friends, why not show everyone a little love this year? While we’re not in elementary school anymore, paper valentines with your favorite characters or sayings like “U R 2 Cool” may not be the exact direction you want to go in. Instead, the experts at Bice’s Florist, the top florist in Fort Worth, have a few ideas ready to share with you. Check out the perfect sophisticated and appropriate types of flowers to send to your best friends and share the love this Valentine’s Day. .

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Share the love with your BFF this Valentine’s Day. Whether celebrating a cherished sisterhood or brotherhood, flowers are something that everyone can enjoy. While red roses might not be the ideal gift for your bestie, yellow roses, alstroemeria, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and even orchids are wonderful blooms that are sure to send the perfect message of friendship, loyalty, joy, admiration, support, and family.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Women can sometimes be hard to shop for, especially if they seem to have everything. Luckily, flowers are a great solution and gift for someone who has everything! From a romantic Valentine’s Day or a cheerful Galentine’s Day, flowers are the ideal mood setter. For an afternoon of pampering and facials, bring in a fresh bouquet of blue flowers to represent serenity and peace. For a fun game night or girls’ night in, go for a sweet pink bouquet to signify grace and femininity.

Gift Ideas for Men

Of course, the easiest way to spoil your man on Valentine’s Day is with a romantic dinner and… golf balls? Cologne? What about a new hat? While your guy may love all these options, something unexpected that will certainly wow him is a hardy, bright, and bold floral bouquet. Men love to receive flowers, just like women! However, if you’re still skeptical, start by gifting him a tropical or blooming plant, like a peace lily, bromeliad, birds of paradise, or an orchid.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Spice up the ambiance for you and your partner, or show a couple that you admire and look up to them with some love this Valentine’s Day. A cozy night in is always better with a beautiful bouquet of white and red roses, lilies, or carnations. If you really want to “wow” your recipient, pair the arrangement with a loving gift that speaks to both romance and flowers.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

There are many things that enhance our daily lives, making our days happier, easier, and friendlier. One of these things is our neighbors! Whether you’re in a pinch and need someone to let the dog out or are looking for an extra cup of sugar or egg for a recipe, our neighbors are often at the ready. The friendships we build with our neighbors can be some of the most profound. That’s why we urge you to share the love with your neighbors every Valentine’s Day. From their favorite flowers to pink and peach blooms that signify grace, happiness, thoughtfulness, appreciation, sincerity, and sweetness, you can always make their day a little brighter.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift for co-workers than an increase in productivity and excitement? Fresh flowers and plants will do both! A vibrant and stunning bouquet filled with bright orange flowers, like gerbera daisies, lilies, hibiscus, orchids, calla lilies, and the list can continue, will brighten the office while symbolizing success, enthusiasm, exuberance, and passion for work and life.

Nothing can top a fun, colorful, and stylish bouquet of blooms for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. From classic and modest collections for friends to arrangements that are luxurious and upscale for a romantic partner, there is always something for everyone. Select and personalize a Valentine’s Day bouquet today at Bice’s Florist in Fort Worth.