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Special Ways to Greet Loved Ones with Blooms at the Airport

Taking time out of your day to pick up a loved one or out-of-town guest from the airport is exciting. After a long-awaited reunion, it can be extra special and exceptionally meaningful to show up at baggage claim with a beautiful bouquet of welcoming blooms. However, your creative friends here at Bice’s Florist, the number one flower shop in Fort Worth, have a few ideas to make presenting flowers to your favorite travelers a moment to remember and even a fun adventure.

How to Present Flowers to Travelers

Present Flowers at the Airport

When people think of giving flowers to loved ones at the airport, the first thing that comes to mind is to present them as they walk off the plane. If you want to stand out among the crowd and ensure your loved one spots you from afar, consider adding to your presentation. Get creative with a homemade sign that can read something sweet and loving to convey how much you missed them. Or exercise your funny bone and create a large, hard-to-miss cardboard sign with a joke sure to make them smile and laugh.

Spruce Up Your Car

While juggling bags and floral bouquets as you navigate a large or busy airport can be tricky, it might be a wise and fun idea to present them with flowers in the car instead. Turn the inside of your car into its own welcome wagon with blooms sitting in the cupholder, favorite local snacks waiting for them on the seat, and maybe even a card or small gift with a thoughtful message. As you load their baggage into the trunk, they can enjoy the meaningful surprise waiting for them upfront.

Decorate Your Home

Don’t let the excitement of their arrival wear off as you enter your home. Give them a proper “welcome” with a large banner draped above a brilliant floral bouquet. If they have a sweet tooth, a few chocolate treats, or even a cake with their name on it will make this grand surprise greeting even more special.

Tease with a Single Stem

When you want to greet them with beautiful flowers at the airport but want to bypass the struggle of carrying a bouquet and baggage, bring along a single stem. While this sweet surprise will have a large impact, you can still give them a warm welcome as they arrive home by having the remainder of their bouquet waiting for them on the table. This way, the flowers will also stay fresh and healthy in a lovely vase.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

Since some people find traveling stressful, exhausting, and draining, you might want to save the flowers for when they feel more at peace, relaxed, and ready to socialize. Plan a romantic meal for your significant other or a “local’s favorite” lunch or dinner for out-of-towners. Be sure to make it special by setting the table properly, incorporating decor items for added effect, and completing the look with their large welcome floral bouquet as the centerpiece.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

If you are welcoming guests to town and into your home, a sweet way to freshen up their room is to place a bouquet of flowers on the nightstand or dresser. This not only adds a mood-boosting pop of color to the room but freshens it up with a sweet fragrance that is sure to make them feel right at home. Leave a little note or greeting card next to the blooms so they know they were selected especially for them.

Giving visitors and travelers flowers at the airport has been a sentimental tradition around the world for decades. However you decide to plan a beautiful surprise and warm welcome for loved ones, they are sure to be moved by your thoughtfulness. As you plan ahead and find the best blooms for the job, be sure to explore the online catalog here at Bice’s Florist.

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