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Uplifting Flowers and Plants that Make the Perfect Warm Welcome

Meeting a new neighbor or greeting a house guest you mean to impress can invoke an excitement that’s exhilarating. While welcoming someone new to town can involve showing them local sights, attractions, and restaurants, the heart of any good welcome or sign of hospitality, is in the home. Purchasing symbolic flowers will brighten your home to welcome guests or make the perfect gift for a new neighbor to welcome them to the community. Between symbolic greens and colorful blossoms, these botanicals all have a unique way of making a household feel warm and inviting. Bice’s Florist, the best flower shop in Fort Worth, TX, is bursting with ideas for showing your hospitality and friendship using uplifting and comforting plants for you and your guests or new acquaintances to enjoy.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


Eucalyptus serves as an inviting symbol for guests while also standing as a stunning piece of home decor. It is known for its calming yet reinvigorating aroma and for representing protection, strength, and abundance.


Lavender stands as a tall fresh, pale purple statement of purity, tranquility, and serenity. Its appearance is comforting after a long day of moving or a stressful day of traveling and, as a result, is the perfect housewarming gift or way to welcome guests into your home.

Money Tree

This brilliant green plant is believed to bring good fortune, luck, and prosperity. It enhances any room it’s in and can be a wonderful decorative piece in a home. Whether you’re getting one to brighten your own home or another, money trees are a refreshing sight that can strengthen your future.

Bonsai Tree

Like money trees, bonsai trees are symbols of luck and are beautiful and inviting plants to show off in your home. The care and intention that goes into keeping a bonsai tree happy and healthy will also create a beautiful piece of art for the home. Bonsai trees represent peace, harmony, and happiness and make wonderful housewarming gifts for your home or a friend’s.


Tropical and carefree, an anthurium embodies hospitality, abundance, and kindness. Its colorful blooms and open heart shape make it a stunning houseplant. It represents a willingness to accept friends, neighbors, and family into your home or community. 


Tulips are one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, and for good reason. They are beautiful flowers that stand as a staple gift. However, you may not know that beyond their beauty lies a hidden meaning in each tulip’s rich color. Pink tulips represent platonic love and good wishes, while orange tulips embody warmth. Yellow tulips signify friendship, prosperity, good luck, and cheerfulness, making it the perfect choice for a housewarming gift or a front door stunner.


Like tulips, chrysanthemums are also popular flowers for a reason. They provide a dazzling array of colors and are among the most flamboyant on this list. Their color also has meaning, and while chrysanthemums themselves are representative of joy, optimism, and friendship, specific petal colors like green are indicative of good fortune, health and rebirth. Yellow chrysanthemums bring happiness, celebration, and high energies that reaffirm the importance of your friendship.


Unlike the other plants on this list, wisteria is a vine that boasts small but vivid blooms of purple and blue, which welcome visitors. Wisteria is a particularly good yard plant and can serve as a cute and eye-catching way of saying, “welcome to my home.” Gifting wisteria in a soil pot is a great way to show you value their friendship and lets your recipient enjoy a beautiful new plant with the opportunity to plant it in their own yard.

No welcome is complete without a flower arrangement to communicate your hospitality. Whether you’re saying “hello” to the new folks in town or prepping your home for a visitor from afar, an amazing arrangement from Bice’s Florist will be the perfect finishing touch. Browse our collection of symbolic blooms and pick an arrangement to convey your ideal message.