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Gifts to Send Along With A Bouquet of Flowers

this dramatic arrangement of roses, peonies, lilies, tulips and more - in radiant, blushing shades of pink and purple - is fit for royalty

Royal Radiance

Flowers are the perfect gift for many reasons. They are beautiful, can put a smile on anyone’s face, lift spirits, and look great anywhere. Hera at Bice’s Florist, Fort Worth’s Best Florist, we have a great selection of fresh, quality flowers. When you feel the need to include a little something extra with your flowers, we also have a selection of unique gifts. For some fun and unique ideas on what you can pair with flowers, check out our list below. You are sure to find something that the floral lovers in your life will really enjoy.

Fun Gifts to Pair With Flowers

cosmetics salt bombs bath spa organic

Spa Essentials

Make someone feel truly pampered by gifting spa items along with a gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers. Not only do flowers instantly lift the spirits and bring about tranquility, but so do floral-scented soaps, bath bombs, and luxurious lotions. Give the gift of relaxation and make someone feel special when you pair handmade spa gifts with a bouquet of flowers.

Flowering tea in a clear glass tea pot

Charming Tea Set

Tea is made from the leaves of a wide variety of flowers, such as lavender, rose, peonies, and the list goes on. Whether you pair a colorful bouquet of flowers to match the floral notes of the tea or find an arrangement that enhances the beauty and tranquility a cup of tea offers, you cannot go wrong.

Artisanal Chocolates

Sweet and delicious, hand-crafted artisanal chocolates go great with beautiful, fragrant flowers, creating a sensory explosion anyone would love. While their taste buds are bursting with excitement over the dark, milky, or fruit-filled centers, their eyes and nose will be overcome with joy due to the allure of the magnificent petals and fragrances of the blooms.


Just like smelling a sweet bouquet of brilliant flowers can take you away to another realm, so too does reading a book. If you have someone in your circle who loves to read, or has a growing curiosity for flowers, then sending a book about botanicals along with an arrangement is the perfect combination gift.

The young woman in a white dress and with a white nail polish hand shows the ring, necklace and earrings in the shape of a purple lotus flower in rose color


Flowers make a great gift because they are universally loved and everybody enjoys receiving flowers. Well, you can say the exact same thing about jewelry. Pair the two together for a winning combo your recipient won’t soon forget. Find a fun gem like a necklace or earrings with pressed petals or a unique floral pendant.


Wine is an excellent gift choice to pair with flowers and not because it seems to be an obvious choice. Wine and flowers are actually quite similar: many words used to describe flowers are also used to describe wine, such as floral notes, sweet, bouquet, lush, bountiful, etc. Many wines also have the taste of flowers in them. As you put a little thought into your wine-flower pairing this gift is sure to become even more special.

When you are ready to make someone’s day a whole lot brighter, send them a lovely bouquet of flowers coupled with a little extra something special. The gift-giving experts here at Bice’s Florist are always available to provide some guidance and point you in the right direction towards a brilliant arrangement for any occasion.

the perfect gifts to go with flowers