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A Guide to Getting Fresh Blooms from Your Partner “Just Because”

Fewer things make a person feel more special than receiving flowers from your partner. Regardless of what kind of blooms you find in your bouquet, from your favorite variety to carrying important symbolism, the benefits of flowers are many. They are helpful to our health, they remind us of the stunning artistry of nature, and they make any space look more sophisticated and elegant. They even smell good and are proven to lift our spirits, all while helping our romantic bonds stay strong.

Those are just some of the reasons people gift flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes you want to receive a bouquet “just because” along with a heartfelt card message. Allow the floral experts here at Bice’s Florist in Fort Worth, Texas help you bring your flower dreams to life.

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. You are celebrating your birthday soon/li>
  2. It’s your half birthday
  3. Your dog is having a birthday party at the dog park
  4. You ran a half marathon and feel accomplished
  5. On Friday nights you like to have “flower time”
  6. It’s National Compliment Day and you deserve one
  7. The doctor told you that you’re in the clear
  8. You finally learned to ride a bike after all these years
  9. At school you completed a significant project or degree
  10. You cheered your partner up after their gloomy work week
  11. You gave birth to a beautiful baby
  12. At the office you got a big promotion
  13. You got passed over for a promotion and feel sad
  14. Y You want to observe National Girlfriend Day
  15. You overcame your fear of heights and saw a beautiful view
  16. You want to be honored on Womencrush Wednesday
  17. our partner has to leave town and you’ll hold down the fort at home
  18. You and your partner just got home from a long trip away
  19. You finally bought a house or landed a new apartment
  20. You went all out on spring cleaning and want a reward that will look great in the sparkling space
  21. You survived a long and difficult home renovation

How to Drop Hints

  1. Say something about someone else’s flowers.
  2. Mention casually that you saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a shop window and how much you love them.
  3. Plan a picnic in a garden, mentioning how lovely it would be to have a few flowers to enjoy during the outing.
  4. Simply say, “Could we have some fresh flowers in our home? I’d really love that.” There’s a 50% chance they’ll get the hint.
  5. Give it another shot and make sure they listen attentively this time. Look them straight in the eye, and say in a sincere tone, “I want to emphasize how much surprises and receiving flowers mean to me. It would bring me joy to receive at least one bouquet each month. I’ve set an ongoing reminder for you on your calendar to help you remember.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. You hinted to your partner but they didn’t get it
  2. You are living the single life and deserve flowers
  3. You finalized the divorce
  4. You were inspired by Cher Horowitz in Clueless
  5. You want to enjoy a fancy bottle of wine in style
  6. Your hair looks amazing today
  7. You had an amazing day at the spa
  8. You finally saved up for a goal
  9. It’s finally Friday night
  10. Sundays are for self-care
  11. You listened to Miley Cyrus and got inspired
  12. You finally cleaned the house
  13. You changed up your decor scheme
  14. You sent the kids to grandma’s house for the weekend
  15. You didn’t have a good day
  16. You’ve had an amazingly good day
  17. You didn’t score the Taylor Swift tickets you wanted
  18. You got through daylight savings time again
  19. It’s almost summertime and you are ready
  20. The flowers you love most are back in season

You can be pleasantly surprised with a beautiful flower arrangement that brings joy to your soul any day of the year, not just in February. Our experienced team at Bice’s Florist in Fort Worth, Texas understands this, so let us share some helpful tips to bring floral abundance into your life “just because.”