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❄ Bice’s Holiday Floral & Gift Guides 🎁

The holiday season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! Here at Bice’s Florist, Fort Worth’s best flower shop, we know this time of year can be a little stressful for some people, but we are here to make your life easier — and, not to mention, enhance your life with gorgeous flowers, too. Below we have collected our best holiday blogs that will help you discover inspired gifts, amazing holiday decor ideas, beautiful winter florals, and more! From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Honoring our Veterans at Christmas

For those who have a fallen veteran in their family, the Wreaths Across America program is an excellent way to honor and pay tribute to those who are no longer with us.

Floral Christmas Bouquets

Bring the cheery spirit of the season into your home with seasonal decorations, such as a beautiful holiday keepsake ornament, hanging door wreath, or gourmet gift basket full of holiday treats.

Discover the Beauty of Winter Plants

When we think of winter, we don’t usually picture a thriving garden. However, there are still plenty of beautiful plants and even flowers that thrive during the colder months. Bring the beauty of winter plants into your home this season and enjoy fresh plant life all year round.

Flowers From Our Holiday Gift Guide

Winter holiday floral sales account for 30% of all holiday flower sales a year, more than any other holiday. Clearly, we love to give and receive flowers during this time of year.

Adorn Your Office With Holiday Wreaths

One of the best ways to introduce some holiday cheer to your workplace is right at the front door. You may line the steps with poinsettias or hang lights throughout the entry area.

Creative Secret Santa Gifts They’ll Love

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great way for large families, a group of friends, or office colleagues to get into the Christmas spirit without having to spend large amounts of money.

Caring for Your Holiday Poinsettia

Next to the Christmas tree, there is no plant more symbolic of the holiday than the poinsettia. This vibrant flower, with star-shaped leaves exhibiting the colors of the season, is a favorite Christmas gift year after year.

Seasonal Holiday Decor for the Home and Office

Whether you will be welcoming guests into your home for the annual party, or are in charge of transforming your office ambiance – the experts at Bice’s Florist have all the ideas and inspiration that you need for your seasonal holiday decor!

Bice’s Florist – Holiday Centerpieces 2015

Christmas is around the corner. When it comes to major holidays, we all know that Texans go all out, and Christmas is no exception to this “unwritten rule.”

Bice’s Florist Holiday Gift Baskets

Christmas is drawing closer every day. Have you completed your holiday shopping? We know how stressful it can be when you’ve got a list of gift recipients that feels like it’s as long as the state of Texas is large.

Bice’s Florist Holiday Decor

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and our guests have gone home, it’s time to gear up for the Texas-size holiday decorating for which this entire state is so well known.

Bice’s Florist Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching! In order to make your floral shopping process a little simpler, we here at Bice’s Florist have developed an easy to use holiday gift guide featuring our favorite seasonal products.

Discover the Beauty of Winter Plants

When we think of winter, we don’t usually picture a thriving garden. However, there are still plenty of beautiful plants and even flowers that thrive during the colder months.

Winter Holiday Wreath

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about decorating your home, office and environment for this season. Decorating the front of your home can be so easy with a gorgeous holiday wreath hanging on the front door.

Winter’s Silvery Blooms

Bice’s Florist is feeling inspired by the season – especially its imagery of bare branches laden with snow. While we don’t really get to enjoy the prettiest of precipitations here in Fort Worth, we can bring its palette into our home in the form of flowers.

Handmade Holiday Crafts

As the holidays approach, we love to decorate our homes and offices with beautiful decor. Both traditional and modern, fresh and faux, we mix and match to create a unique look that warms our hearts and homes.