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Posted by Bice's Florist on November 25, 2016 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Christmas Flowers

Caring for Your Holiday Poinsettia

holiday poinsettiaNext to the Christmas tree, there is no plant more symbolic of the holiday than the poinsettia. This vibrant flower, with star-shaped leaves exhibiting the colors of the season, is a favorite Christmas gift year after year. If you received a poinsettia as a gift – or if you simply love decorating with this festive bloom – you’ll be glad to know that they are easy to maintain and will last throughout the season. Follow these easy instructions from Bice’s Florist, and enjoy the beauty of your holiday poinsettia well beyond the season!

  • Find the Perfect Spot: To keep them looking fresh, find a sunny, south-facing windowsill or bright filtered light.
  • Watch the Temperature: Poinsettias shouldn’t touch cold windows, as that will damage their leaves. The flowers do best at about 68 degrees during the day and cooler at night.
  • Water with Care: The plants should be watered regularly and kept evenly moist; however they should never sit in water. Drain saucers or planters after watering.

holiday poinsettia

Having your poinsettia looking beautiful next Christmas takes a little bit of work, but will be worth it! Water the plant until mid-spring, then let it dry out and permit the stems to shrivel. At the end of spring, trim all growth to a couple of inches above the soil and repot in fresh soil. Water well and keep the flower warm, using houseplant fertilizer when new growth appears. At the beginning of summer, move the plant outside to a shady spot. In midsummer, pinch out the growing tips. Bring the plant back indoors into a sunny spot;  then from mid-autumn, keep the plant in total darkness between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. By Christmas, you will have a beautiful, blooming poinsettia again!

At Bice’s Florist, we love Christmas in Fort Worth! From your holiday poinsettia to unique gifts, we have everything you need to make the season merry and bright – stop in and see us today!