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Bice's Florist

Posted by Bice's Florist on December 22, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flowers

Winter’s Silvery Blooms

Bice’s Florist is feeling inspired by the season – especially its imagery of bare branches laden with snow. While we don’t really get to enjoy the prettiest of precipitations here in Fort Worth, we can bring its palette into our home in the form of flowers.

We’re loving the cream-colored, dreamy designs on offer when it comes to winter blooms. We see them packed with greens and other organic seasonal items like berries and pine cones. The contrast is beautiful and full of dimension. Add a hint of lavender or blue here and there, and you’ve got a floral arrangement that could stop traffic.

We see so many pieces that use the red-and-green scheme during this time of year, it’s nice to enjoy a little visual relief in the form of ones that explore every color of white. Our Silver Snow is a good example of this.

Lilies, roses and a touch of blue hydrangea conspire to give off a wintry feeling that’s full of elegance, making this the kind of bouquet you could use as a centerpiece for the holidays or send to someone else who may have the winter blues. The glass vase reveals a winter tree design, too, making it a definite keepsake.

Winter’s white color scheme doesn’t have to be one note, if you think in terms of texture and contrast. Look for arrangements that blend tones and ground the design in greenery. You can thank us later.