Back to School

Thank the Teacher & Celebrate The Students!

Brighten virtual classrooms and send joy to teachers and students! Flowers, plants, and gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of education. Send something special with Bice's Florist.

Favorites in Back to School Specials

Make a lasting impression with these back-to-school bouquets perfect for gifting to your favorite student's newest teacher. These bright and fun arrangements are sure to delight and breathe life into a new classroom!

Sending flowers and gifts for Back to School is a heartwarming gesture that can brighten up a student's day and help them kick off the academic year with a positive mindset. Bice's Florist, located in the Greater DFW area, is your go-to choice for spreading cheer during this special time of year.

Flowers have a unique way of conveying emotions, and Bice's Florist offers a stunning array of floral arrangements to suit any Back to School occasion. Whether it's a bouquet of vibrant daisies to celebrate a successful start or a mix of roses and lilies to wish someone luck, their skilled florists craft each arrangement with precision and creativity. Bice's Florist also offers a wide selection of gifts to complement your floral choice. From adorable teddy bears and gourmet chocolates to personalized cards and elegant vases, you can truly make your Back to School gift extra special. What sets Bice's Florist apart is their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They understand the significance of sending the perfect gift, and their attention to detail and timely delivery ensure your loved ones receive a thoughtful surprise that will make their Back to School experience even more memorable.

When it comes to sending flowers and gifts for Back to School in the Greater DFW area, trust Bice's Florist to deliver a touch of warmth, love, and encouragement. Your thoughtful gesture will not only brighten someone's day but also create beautiful memories that last a lifetime.