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These cuddly companions are the perfect way to convey your love and warmth, even from afar. Bice's Florist understands that sometimes, a soft hug from a teddy bear or a plush bunny can speak volumes and bring comfort to your loved ones.

Imagine sending a charming plush animal alongside a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a combination that can brighten anyone's day and add an extra layer of affection to your thoughtful gesture. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a random act of kindness, Bice's Florist ensures that your message of love and care is delivered in the softest, most adorable package possible.

Bice's Florist's dedication to quality extends to their plush and stuffed animals, just as it does with their flowers. These cuddly companions are not just toys; they are symbols of your enduring love and a reminder that you're always there, even when you can't be physically present.