Corsages and Boutonnières

Favorites in Corsages and Boutonnières

Wearing a corsage or boutonniere from Bice's Florist is more than just a fashion statement; it's an expression of elegance and tradition that adds a touch of natural beauty to any special occasion. Bice's Florist has mastered the art of crafting these floral accessories, and they understand the significance they hold in making an event truly memorable. For individuals attending formal events like weddings, proms, or gala evenings, wearing a corsage or boutonniere is like wearing a piece of nature's artwork. It's a symbol of honor, appreciation, and celebration.

Corsages, typically worn by ladies, are a stunning addition to an outfit, adorning the wrist or dress. These miniature arrangements not only enhance one's appearance but also serve as a personalized statement of style. On the other hand, boutonnieres, worn by gentlemen on the lapel, exude sophistication and can reflect the wearer's personality or complement the event's theme. These floral accessories provide a unique opportunity to coordinate with the overall color scheme and theme of the occasion.

What makes wearing a corsage or boutonniere from Bice's Florist truly awesome is that it encapsulates the essence of the event and brings a sense of unity and connection. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, prom, or any special gathering in style, Bice's corsages and boutonnieres are a delightful way to elevate your attire and create lasting memories.