Our History

Where Shopping Local is Wonderful

The brainchild of Buddy Bice, our business opened in 1974, after Buddy came across an ad for a flower shop in the newspaper. He was looking for a job for his wife and thought they could give the small floral operation in Hurst a go. While his purchase wasn't exactly on a whim, there wasn't the sense then that the small shop could grow into something so big, either. That would change.

Over the next few decades and under Buddy's leadership, Bice's flourished, growing into a multi-million-dollar business with multiple locations. Having dedicated himself so thoroughly to the well-being of Bice's he could finally step away in 2003, handing the reigns over to Keith Riewe, who brought his technological expertise to the table. Beloved Bice's began using the most sophisticated tools available to offer their customers the quality products and value that Buddy himself had pioneered, if not more so.

Today, Bice's Florist is proud to have cultivated a reputation for exceptional service and products and to have gained so many loyal customers. Though we'd never rest on our laurels - our motto is that we seek to earn your business everyday - we're thankful for your devotion.