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Celebrate International Women’s Day: Ideas and Inspiration

International Women’s Day is a personal journey for everyone. Some of us hype our favorite people, while others work for change in our communities. Some of us take a moment to reflect on our goals. On March 8th, there’s no right or wrong way to do it; you’re the DJ, and you get to pick the tracks. At Bice’s Florist in Fort Worth, Texas, we believe flowers are a great way to honor the women and allies giving us life. Our bouquets bring warmth, good energy, and inspo to those who mean the most to us. Plus, the many flowers in nature represent the diversity of the incredible women we honor on IWD.

Organize a Fundraiser

Let’s talk about raising money for a minute: When you organize an International Women’s Day fundraiser, you’re not just throwing a party; you’re making a powerful statement. Choose a charity you vibe with, whether it helps smash glass ceilings, advocates for equal pay, or uplifts women’s mental health. With your crew by your side you’ll be a force, raising funds for causes that matter. For added beauty, spruce up dining tables, podiums, and silent auction areas at the event with fresh flowers to give the space a glow-up.

Host a Party

International Women’s Day calls for throwing a party to give props to all the epic women out there. You can go global with the theme or keep it local, as long as you have fun. It’s all about good energy and showing love for your BFFs. Put on your favorite playlist, order flower arrangements, and serve delicious food – that’s how you make it fire. But parties are more than just a good time; they’re the perfect place for guests to meet new folks. Whether you want to make personal or professional connections, it’s all going to be good.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Enjoy a fun brunch, lunch, or dinner with your BFFs on International Women’s Day, and shout out all your Ws and achievements. Feast on delicious bites, sip your drink of choice, and enjoy the moment as you celebrate sisterhood and camaraderie. Spruce up the table with fresh flowers to ensure the decor is on point. Select a restaurant owned or run by women and allies in your neighborhood for your meal; it’s all about boosting female-led businesses on IWD!

Set Personal Goals

International Women’s Day makes us dream big and want to manifest a future we can get amped about. Sketching out goals drafts your personal improvement plan, showing you clear steps to take toward meeting your ambitions. And let’s be real, your commitment to crushing those goals is admirable. Whether it’s people your age or the next-gen women leaders, sharing your plan can light a fire under them. Killing it in life also means putting yourself first however you see fit, like treating yourself to a bougie bouquet of flowers.

Send Flowers

Something about sending flowers to your peeps on International Women’s Day just hits different. It’s a move that shows you really care, expressing your thanks and saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” Whether for yourself for working hard and making it happen, your BFFs for always understanding the assignment, or the allies in your corner, flowers say it all and reinforce that camaraderie. Plus, science says fresh blooms bring happiness and health, so spread that energy to everyone around you.

We’re stoked about International Women’s Day at Bice’s Florist because it’s more than a date; it’s a chance to change the game. Whether you’re organizing a fundraiser, connecting with your crew, or sending flowers, celebrating the day is as important as the fierce women we honor.

Honor International Women's Day