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How to Grow Succulents: A Basic Guide

Succulents have become one of the most popular choices for houseplants because they’re on-trend, easy to grow, and great to look at. They’re wonderful either planted on their own or grouped in artfully designed succulent gardens, making them a good choice for decorating just about any space. At Bice’s Florist in Fort Worth, we love growing succulents inside because they brighten up the shorter days of winter, creating a cheerful environment. 

How Do Succulents Differ from Other Plants?

The primary difference between succulents and other plants are their leaves. Most plants have thin, papery foliage, but succulent leaves are thick and rubbery. Their unique leaves make them well-equipped to thrive in environments where water might be hard to come by. They grow in different places all around the world, and are native to both deserts and rainforests, where they sprout from the bark of trees.

Various Succulent Plants

Various Succulent Plants

Why It’s Great to Grow Succulents Inside

Filling an indoor space with living plants will create a calming atmosphere with a positive energy. Growing succulents inside will also help you combat indoor pollution, as the plants draw toxins, like VOCs, toward their roots where they convert the chemicals into nutrients. While they purify the air, they’ll also replenish the oxygen, which makes them a healthy choice in decor for any office or room in your house.

Our Favorite Succulent Varieties

Succulents are available in a seemingly infinite number of varieties. They grow in all sorts of colors ranging from shades of green to various pinks and purples. They also bloom with brightly colored flowers. Some of our favorite succulents include the following:


There are several different types of crassula succulents, but the one thing they mostly have in common is that they grow in tall columns. We love them because they pair perfectly with shorter, round succulent plants, adding height and visual interest to a succulent garden.

Succulent - Crassula

Succulent – Crassula


Aloe plants are both beautiful to look at and have special medicinal uses. We love them because they come in so many interesting varieties. They tend to have spiky leaf segments that look like dinosaur tails, and they come in all sorts of shades of green and patterns.




These starburst-shaped succulents also come in lots of varieties. They’re can be found with green, pink, purple, or red-tipped leaf segments, which sprout in a variety of shapes including round, pointed, straight, and tubular. With so many different varieties with similar silhouettes, echeveria succulents look excellent grouped together in a garden or terrarium.

Succulents - Echeveria

Succulents – Echeveria

How to Grow Healthy Succulents

Succulents are one of the most low-maintenance plants you can choose to grow. Provide them with a warm, sunny location and a pot that drains easily, then do your best not to give them too much attention. Succulents should only be watered after their soil has dried completely. They typically need a small splash once a week in the summer and less often in the winter. Never let your plants sit in standing water.

The succulents come in variety of shades and textures and are brought together to create a warm and inviting look to delight your special recipient.

Succulent Garden

If a succulent’s leaves start to turn brown or yellow, this is a sign of distress. Typically, struggling succulents are getting too much water, but sometimes their leaves can turn because they’re not getting enough water. Check your plant’s soil to determine whether your plant needs to be watered or dried out. If you have a question about how to care for your succulents, we welcome you to contact an expert at Bice’s Florist.