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Posted by Bice's Florist on October 21, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Fall Flowers Porch Flowers

Enjoy Fall Spirit on Your Own Front Porch

Fall is in the air and there’s never been a better time to celebrate the season. A great place to start is with the decorations you add to your home and front porch. By including seasonally-appropriate accents, flowers, and plants, you’ll create a look that welcomes the new season beautifully.

At Bice’s Florist, we find the on-set of fall to be a reason in itself to decorate! We also believe that decorating for any season is important in preparing for what’s coming ahead. In the fall season, we look forward to the approaching holiday season while we enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful colors. We also love to include seasonal accents that will make your entire porch stand out in the neighborhood. Here are some great tips and tricks for bringing fall to life on your street this season.

Find Inspiration and Beauty on Your Own Front Porch

Fall Curb Appeal

Decorating your front porch, no matter what the season, brings a fresh update to your home’s look and encourages you, your family and your neighbors to embrace the changing seasons. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to update your front porch’s decor this season:

  • Curb appeal: Make your home look and feel amazing when you add seasonal-specific details. The colors and textures of fall cannot be beaten, and adding a few to your home’s front porch will give it a beauty all its own. Bright fall flowers are a must for curb appeal, so include big, bold sunflowers or giant bushels of lavender on your front porch.
  • New, creative inspiration: By focusing on how to decorate for fall, you’ll get your creative juices flowing and feel inspired to try other new things. Just by thinking about your front porch and spending a bit of focused energy on creating a pleasing porch-scape, you’ll increase your creative energy and feel a positive fulfillment from the beauty you’ve created.
  • Welcome the season: Change is hard, but often necessary. This is never more true than with the changing of seasons. Welcome and celebrate the approaching fall season with flair and usher in the newness of autumn with gusto.
  • Announce the coming holidays: The fall season means that many major holidays are approaching soon. When you decorate for fall with beautiful seasonal blooms, you pronounce the coming of the holidays. Add a Kalanchoe Plant in a classic fall basket for bright color and rich texture to bring a fresh fall look to your porch.

Use Fun Fall Containers for Gorgeous Fall Style

Wooden and Metal Buckets

Placing plants and flowers in seasonally-appropriate containers will bring a touch of fall to your decor. Porches covered with rustic wood, natural metals, and traditional baskets showcase the autumn vibe you’re looking for. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Varied-sized flower pots: Whether ceramic or wooden, choose to plant flowers in a variety of sizes for a unique visual presentation. Small groups of daisies amidst giant pumpkins or an oversized Cushion Mum Plant accented with miniature stalks of corn create a visually-stimulating look that everyone will love.
  • Hanging plants: Boost the greenery on your front porch when you include hanging plants or ferns along the overhang. Any addition of living color will make a positive change, and hanging plants plays with the visual element of varying heights.
  • Galvanized metal tub: Giant bushels of marigolds will look amazing when planted in a galvanized metal tub. The rustic look and oversized container will bring a fresh revival to your front porch just in time for fall. Choose contrasting colors of marigolds for colorful variety.
  • Bushel baskets: Repurpose bushel baskets by planting flowers in them, or turn them over and use as a pedestal for smaller flower pots or mini pumpkins. However you use these baskets, the overall effect will make your porch fall-ready.

Get Creative With Your Front Porch Fall Decor

Wreaths and Painted Pumpkins

A little creativity goes a long way in designing a cute fall front porch. We have a few ideas you can use, or allow these to inspire other fun ways to dress up your fall porch. Either way, you’ll welcome autumn in a creative, decorative fashion!

  • Personalized pumpkins: Instead of carving them, try painting your pumpkins instead. Add details like your family’s name or house number, then line or stack pumpkins to display your creation.
  • Wooden ladder: Lean a wooden ladder against the side of the house and use the steps as shelves for displaying smaller flowers, like bright potted petunias, along with mini pumpkins. Gourds and miniature dried corn will look great here, too.
  • Rocking chair: Dress up an old rocking chair with a flannel or plaid blanket draped across the back and a matching pillow on the seat. Add a pumpkin for festive fall display.
  • Wreath or chalkboard message on door: Your front door is a great place to include easy fall updates. Hang a beautiful fall wreath made with fall materials like burlap, mini-pumpkins, or corn husks. Or, opt to hang a chalkboard with a fall message on your front door instead. Tuck a few fall flowers around the wreath or accent the corners of your chalkboard with fall flowers like mums for a natural look.

When it comes to decorating your front porch for fall, the possibilities are endless. Choose some of the ideas we’ve mentioned or create your own fabulous front porch decor. Send beautiful fall flowers to loved ones that they can enjoy on their own front porches, as well. The floral experts at Bice’s Florist are happy to help you design the perfect look for your seasonal front porch, so talk to us today about your decorating goals and we’ll help you make them a reality!