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Celebrate America’s Birthday with Festive Flowers

America’s birthday, or the Fourth of July, is celebrated as one of the biggest patriotic holidays of the year. You are sure to notice many Americans hosting backyard cookouts, attending parades, marveling over fireworks, and eating an impressive amount of hot dogs in one sitting. Whether you are hosting a BBQ, spreading patriotic cheer, or sprucing up your home in celebration, flowers are the perfect touch. Your friends here at Bice’s Florist are sharing some of the most symbolic flowers to represent our nation’s history as well as classic red, white, and blue blooms.

Why Red, White, and Blue Are the Patriotic Colors of America

Red, white, and blue are synonymous with American patriotism and were carefully chosen as the colors for our nation’s flag. The symbolic meaning of this trio of colors was explained in 1782 upon the creation of the Great Seal of the U.S. Here, we learned white was chosen for its connection to purity and innocence, red for representing valor and hardiness, and blue for signifying justice, vigilance, and perseverance. 

Red, White, & Blue Flowers for Celebrating Independence Day


Carnations, Roses, Anthurium, and Zinnias


Lilies, Queen Anne’s Lace, Lily of the Valley, Carnations, and Daisies


Blue Hydrangea, Cornflower, Statice, Larkspur, and Delphinium

Flowers that Symbolize Patriotism

Red Rose

The iconic red rose is the most recognized flower in the world, and its red color is symbolic of the red color in the American flag. Plus, it’s the National Flower of the United States! When promoting the rose to be the national flower in 1986, Senator Heflin so eloquently wrote:

“All flowers are delicate, Each can refresh and amuse, And that is the reason I feel No flower should lose. Still, the rose is universal, Its support has a strong voice, So there should be no question That the rose is the choice. So let us raise our voices, And proclaim with all our power, That the rose is more than beautiful, It is America’s flower.”


The word “pansy” derives from the French word “pensee,” which means “to think,” “reflect upon,” or “ponder.” Symbolizing thoughtfulness and remembrance, pansies are perfect for remembering those who have fought for our country.

Red Poppies

A popular wildflower, red poppies signify memory, consolation, and death and have long been regarded as a symbol of remembrance for the military and fallen soldiers. Usually worn or displayed on Memorial Day, red poppies fit in with any patriotic holiday.


Nasturtium is a flower that blooms in bright red, orange, and yellow colors and is commonly associated with patriotism, conquest, and victory in war. Also symbolizing patriotism, love, loyalty, and strength, these cheerful, warm blooms add a pop of color to any garden or bouquet.


Fragrant and colorful freesias symbolize freedom. A sturdy bloom with flowy petals, freesias make great cut flowers because they have a long vase life. Add them to your patriotic bouquet of freesia stems out to guests as a beautiful and patriotic party favor.


These charming star-shaped white flowers fit perfectly with any patriotic theme as their shape resembles the stars on the American flag. Additionally, Edelweiss flowers symbolize strength and courage, which makes them perfectly patriotic.

Guernsey Lilies

Also known as Nerine Lilies, these wonderfully unique blooms have tall, spiky stamens surrounded by long curving petals that resemble a firework display when bunched together. Growing in colors such as bright pink, warm reds, and white, Guernsey Lilies also symbolize freedom and good fortune, making them a perfect choice for celebrating the 4th of July.

Blue Iris

Not only is the blue color appropriate for a patriotic arrangement, but Blue Irises also symbolize hope, faith, and courage. Pair blue irises with red roses and white daisies for a striking, patriotic display.

How to Show Patriotism With Flowers

  • Use red, white, and blue flowers, or any of the above flowers that symbolize patriotism, to decorate your front porch, backyard celebration, or interior of your home to show your patriotism.
  • Order a patriotic arrangement for someone who is, or was, in the military.
  • Surprise veterans by gifting them flowers at your local VFW, hand them out at patriotic events, or place them on the graves of those who have served our country.
  • Finally, make it a point to shop local and get your flowers from your neighborhood florist. Supporting locally-owned businesses and putting money back into your community is one of the most patriotic things you can do.

For all your floral needs and to brighten your home with fresh, seasonal blooms, turn to Bice’s Florist, the best flower shop in Fort Worth.

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