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Posted by Bice's Florist on November 10, 2017 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Autumn Thanksgiving

Bountiful Blooms for Thanksgiving

What better way to capture the spirit of Thanksgiving than through flowers? And if those flowers are placed at the heart of your table? We at Bice’s Florist say you’ve just won Thanksgiving.

The floral centerpiece is almost as old as the cornucopia, and just as beloved. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, consider what you’ll put at the center of the table, and make it good. There’s nothing quite like flowers for capturing the essence of what Thanksgiving is about – gathered family and friends, a celebration of the harvest and a gracious spirit.

There are many options when it comes to floral centerpieces for Thanksgiving. We love a traditional arrangement like our Country Oven because it always looks just right alongside the food and with our other seasonal decor. In this case, a lively bunch of Fall-friendly flowers are arranged in a hand glazed, ovenproof stoneware dish, as though it had spent time in the kitchen, too. It’s a container that will return again and again to your table. Two tapers rise beautifully above.

There are more elaborate centerpieces available as well, and we’ve got many of them. Consider first how much space you will have in the middle of the table, and then choose your centerpiece. Make sure what you select is low so as not to break the line of sight between guests. A piece like the one above is great because it feels abundant but is also nicely contained in its special stoneware. It’s always possible to present a display that reads as bountiful without going overboard. We’re here to help.