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Tips for Creating a Hygge Inspired Home This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home to help bring the holidays to life. While our favorite vintage Satan Clause figurines and traditional green garland enhance the joy of the season, your friends here at Bice’s Florist, the best florist in Fort Worth, are sharing tips on how to bring more warmth, comfort, simplicity, connection, and mindfulness into your holidays with hygge. This Danish artform has evolved into a new way to celebrate the holidays in ways that warm our hearts and bring us closer to our loved ones.

Five Ways to Bring Home Holiday Hygge

Woman wearing knitted socks on warm plaid indoors, closeup. Cozy season

Wear Soft Socks & Wrap Yourself in Fluffy Blankets

To many people, hygge means finding their softest socks and wrapping themselves like a burrito in the biggest, fluffiest blanket they can find. Especially on a cold day, this sounds like a spectacular way to spend your time. But to find hygge, these moments feeling mega cozy should be paired with a passionate hobby, captivating book, or something that brings you peace, bliss, and comfort.

Wooden bench stand in corner of room. Fir in black basket stand on it and firewood lays under it

String Christmas Lights

Illuminate your home with soft Christmas lights that bring holiday joy and cheer. From the outside trees and exterior to around doorways and windows inside, and the Christmas tree and mantel, stringing holiday lights invites hygge into your space. You can even create sweet memories or new traditions with your family if they are willing to lend a hand.

Christmas Poinsettia in ceramic pot. Christmas traditional red flower on the window

Admire Fresh Flowers

No matter what time of year it is, adding fresh flowers to your home has various benefits. During the holiday season, flowers can significantly help to add hygge to our lives. From their alluring beauty and fragrances that make us stop to appreciate and be present, to the peace and gorgeous aesthetic they add to our decor, and we cannot forget the thoughtfulness and meaning behind sending a bouquet of flowers to loved ones to giving an arrangement to our holiday host or hostess.

happy family in checkered pajamas: mother father and children watching projector, film, movies with popcorn in christmas holiday evening   at home

Watch Nostalgic Holiday Movies

Once you feel cozy and comfy and your space is decorated to your liking, it is time to enjoy it all. Relax with a favorite hobby or bring holiday hygge into your day by watching some of your favorite holiday movies. Nostalgic Christmas films are a great way to connect to the season and just be in the moment, soaking in the simple pleasures of life and your surroundings. 

Group of friends laughing on Christmas Party

Fill Your Home with Loved Ones

The holiday season would not be nearly as magical as it is without sharing it with our loved ones. Hygge reminds us that, while we can be cozy and at peace, being surrounded by friends and filling our homes with family brings us some of the greatest joy and warm, fuzzy feelings of all. So, be present with your loved ones this year. Create new traditions, decorate and bake, admire Christmas lights, and soak in every priceless moment you can, together and without distraction.

Whether you are hosting holiday festivities, entertaining guests, or enjoying quiet nights by the fire, filling your home with hygge is sure to make this year one of the best yet. Don’t forget to scout out the perfect winter flowers from the area’s best flower shop, Bice’s Florist, for the excellent finishing touches.