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Posted by Bice's Florist on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: May 30, 2020 Flowers

The Allure of English Garden Style Bouquets

Perhaps it’s the gorgeous, burgeoning big blooms, the flourishing vertical accents, the abundance of greenery, or maybe the “naturalness” of the floral groupings, but the English Garden Style type of arrangement is beloved for a reason. Also known as Cottage Garden Style, this is a design that incorporates a variety of seasonal plants and flowers that would grow naturally together side by side and arranged in a non-fussy or overly-stylized fashion, but one more casual and organic, as if they had just come straight from the garden. 

English Country Cottage

Here at Bice’s Florist, we love working with fresh, local, and seasonal flowers as much as possible, which the English Garden Style allows us to do. What’s great about this particular design is that no matter which flowers used to create it, they just all need to be from the same season. So, this is a design that works all year-round. For more information on this chic and alluring flower arrangement, read on. 

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden

English Garden Style Fundamentals

Capturing the essence of an overflowing, brightly-colored English Cottage garden with a wild mix of plants and flowers is the essence of the English Garden Style floral arrangement. The look is as if someone had just walked through a garden and cut some fresh blooms and casually placed them into a decorative pot. 

Cottage Garden with Wildflowers

For the fundamentals, as already mentioned, the plants and flowers must be from the same season. Other common components are large round flowers such as dahlias, English roses, peonies, or ranunculus with vertical flourishes such as delphinium, larkspur, and snapdragon and an abundance of greenery. The shape of this style is either round or oval with an artfully designed irregularity about it. 


Blooming Flowers in Vintage Vase

Best Occasions for Use

Formal or informal events, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day,…. any occasion actually will benefit from have some Egnlish Garden Style arrangements around. This is a floral design which has an understated elegance and loads of charm and beauty. It’s perfect for anyone special in your life or for sprucing up your own home. For additional flower ideas or suggestions on creating the perfect English Garden Style bouquet for your home, give us a call!