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Posted by Bice's Florist on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

A Sultry Summer Soiree

What’s the recipe for a perfect summer party?

Good wine, check. An exciting summer-centric meal, check. A solid group of friends, check. And flowers—gorgeous, warm-weather flowers—to match. That’s where we at Bice’s Florist come in. We’ve got tropical designs in all of the sizzling bright colors of summer to pair with that meal you spent the day making, so move the summer salad to the side and make way for designs that will have them all swooning for summer.

We call this piece Circling The Sun, for obvious reasons. Bring it to the center of the table for an unusually striking focal point that adds both a touch of sophistication and a touch of the tropics to your dinner. Of course you want your meal and the people gathered to be the main talking point, but would you mind if these orchid and calla were a conversation piece, too?

We have many pieces designed with the sultry summer dinner table in mind. These designs capture the essence of the season and deliver it beautifully. You can go vaguely exotic, as above, or elegant and polished, as below. Just keep the color range bright and popping and you’ll do fine. Serve with a side of sorbet.