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Posted by Bice's Florist on August 20, 2018 Flowers

Serene & Stylish White Floral Designs

The end of summer is drawing near, and with the Labor Day holiday looming, we know you may be considering whether or not to continue including white hues in your wardrobe, your decor, your life. At Bice’s Florist, we encourage you to go with your gut and decide for yourself- rather than letting convention or trends decide for you- what you prefer. Whether this is your last inclusion of white for the season, or the first of many in the coming months, choose to celebrate everything white represents- purity, innocence, and devotion- with a gorgeous bouquet of all white flowers soon.

Our Soft Sentiments arrangement communicates these exact ideas. Sweet white hydrangea mingle among stately white Calla lilies and are accented by kale and eucalyptus for a refined twist on a classic bouquet. Bring an inspiring freshness to any space you choose with this delightful display.

Bring the simplicity and beauty of white flowers into your home or office for one last extravaganza or as a nod toward independent thinking. As we move past Labor Day and into the days of the traditional no-white fashion rules, think about whether you’re a traditionalist or a trend-setter, then decorate your home accordingly. Talk to the floral experts at Bice’s Florist about your best options and choose an arrangement that’s just so “you.”