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Posted by Bice's Florist on January 10, 2017 | Last Updated: December 23, 2020 Flowers Valentine's Day

Sending All Your Love with Valentine’s Flowers

valentine's flowers

Because of what we do, the floral designers at Bice’s Florist have the distinct pleasure of enjoying a front-row seat to all the romance and happiness surrounding Valentine’s Day each year. While there are many ways to express your sentiments on this special day, there is no denying that flowers are a must! So whether you are just starting your relationship or you have been married 50 years, now is the time to start planning how to give your sweetheart the perfect Valentine’s flowers. Need some inspiration on your grand adventure? We’d love to help.

* First Impressions – While some may consider Valentine’s Day a bit too intimidating for a first date, we think it’s a fantastic time! Show your interest with a causal agenda – perhaps coffee and dessert – and a single rose of any color, or perhaps a small bouquet of daisies or tulips to keep the mood light.

* Catch Them Off Guard – If you’ve been dating for a while, find a way to deliver the flowers that will add an element of surprise – plus you’ll get extra-effort points!. If your sweetheart is going to lunch with a friend, find out where and have flowers delivered tableside. Deliver to work in the middle of a meeting (with the bosses’ permission, of course!). Or pretend you didn’t realize what day it is – but have the flowers delivered when you are together to prove that you would never forget! (We are happy to deliver anywhere in the greater Fort Worth area).
valentine's flowers* Make it Meaningful: If you are married, have a bouquet of your wedding flowers delivered. Tell her you would marry her all over again – and if you had Valentine’s Day wedding, set up a surprise renewal of your vows! If you aren’t sure what type of flowers were in her bridal bouquet, just bring us a photo. We’ll even recreate the bouquet for you, but call us soon!

Valentine’s flowers are irreplaceable, but how you choose to present them is part of all the romantic fun. This year, plan ahead, call ahead, and order ahead – or a romantic Valentine’s Day that your sweetheart won’t soon forget. Bice’s Florist has seen a lot of romantic adventure over the years – but there is still so much more to come!