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Posted by Bice's Florist on December 29, 2017 Flowers Gifts

Send Some Healing Flowers

What’s the quickest way to help someone heal? If you ask us here at Bice’s Flowers, we say a pretty arrangement of fresh blooms. And research supports our thinking: a 2008 study conducted by the American Society for Horticultural Science showed that hospital patients that had flowers or potted plants in their rooms used less pain medication and had lower blood pressure. A researcher at Rutgers found that when someone receives flowers, their happiness over it lasts several days, and contact with friends and family is increased in the exchange of flowers.

Given all the data, there’s no reason not to send flowers when someone you love falls ill. A cheery arrangement can be just the thing to remind them that once they recover, there’s a whole world waiting for them. In the meantime, a gentle reminder of nature and life like our Bright Day Bouquet can go a long way in keeping their spirits up. 

For a get well arrangement, select something with bright, happy flowers beloved by all. Keep the scale of the design in mind, as you want your flowers to be able to work on a bedside table if possible. Consider whether your recipient has allergies or an aversion to heavily fragranced blooms, too. We here at Bice’s Florist are here to help you pick out the perfect floral arrangement for your loved one during a time when they probably need it most.