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Posted by Bice's Florist on May 6, 2016 Birthdays

Send Emerald Flowers for May Birthdays

may birthdaysThe official birthstone for May, the emerald, has a long history of being a coveted stone. Since the Egyptians first mined the gem in 1500 B.C., countless cultures and civilizations have excavated the jewels for their personal pleasure and gain. These rich green gems are not only a symbol of the royal. However – they represent renewal, youthfulness, and good fortune for all who would own one. Given it’s verdant color and symbolism, it is a natural choice for the birthstone of May.


may birthdaysIt is interesting to note that emeralds, although known most commonly for their deep green color, can be found in tones as light as a yellow shade and as dark as a deep bluish look. The wide range of color saturations can be compared to the variety of colors that we find in plants and other greenery in nature. At Bice’s Florist, we love the color green – for obvious reasons – and think that celebrating this birth month with the shade is a perfect way to commemorate. Although gifting rare and precious stones is not always the most practical present, a bouquet of exotic green hydrangea and orchids will certainly do the trick.


The cymbidium orchid is one of the most elegant and breathtaking green flowers that we carry at Bice’s Florist– surrounded by green hydrangea they make a gorgeous emerald bouquet worthy of your loved one’s special day. But you may not realize just how many flowers can be incorporated into your green floral arrangement – roses. Zinnias, asters, mums and lilies all exhibit this lovely hue. Although emeralds have not been found in Fort Worth just yet, this month we are discovering our very own emeralds in the form of floral arrangements! Choose from one of the items on our website, or come in to create a unique masterpiece -either way, your gift will be priceless. may birthdays