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Send Bright Wishes With Get-Well Flowers

Knowing that someone you care about is in the hospital can be a challenge. You want to be supportive and show you care, but in appropriate ways. Sending get-well flowers is an excellent way to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them as they recover. But with so many flowers to choose from, this can be a daunting idea. Plus, working around hospital policies and procedures can be dicey. Read on to learn the best flowers to send and the best ways to send them when someone you love is in the hospital.

At Bice’s Florist, our floral experts are pros at choosing appropriate flowers that will be welcome in any Fort Worth hospital setting. We’ll also provide tips on how to adhere to hospital rules so your recipient can get the most enjoyment out of the arrangement you send. Let us help you send bright wishes for a speedy recovery in the form of beautiful flowers!

Why Send Get-Well Flowers?

While anything you send will be a blessing to your recipient during their hospital stay, flowers bring a bright, positive vibe to any drab hospital room. With their bright, cheerful colors and warm wishes, your recipient will know how much you care. Let them feel your love and support surrounding them every time they gaze on the beautiful flowers you’ve sent.

Which Get-Well Flowers to Choose?

Don’t know your loved one’s favorite blooms? Choose something bright and cheerful. A long-lasting dish garden, with low-maintenance plants and bright flowers, like our Bit of Sunshine Garden Basket, will be a welcome surprise. The patient can take this design home with them, and will find it easy to care for in the coming months. Plus, yellow alstroemeria tucked among the leaves bring a vibrant pop of color to the hospital room.


Bit of Sunshine Garden Basket


What Do Get-Well Flowers Mean?

So many flowers to choose from can be overwhelming, so think about the message flowers can send. Often, each type or variety represents a particular sentiment. For example, yellow lilies, as featured in our Brightly Blooming Bouquet, bring tidings of new life and hope, while white daisies are a symbol of purity and goodness. Find a beautiful bouquet to express exactly what you want to say through the flowers it features. 

Asiatic Lily


Brightly Blooming Bouquet


When Did This Tradition Start?

The tradition of sending flowers to communicate a particular message comes from the Victorian era and continues today. At that time, people did not often verbalize their emotions. Instead, they would send flowers with a particular meaning that was inherently understood. For example, snapdragons, which accent our Here Comes the Sun Bouquet, stand for grace and strength, while sunflowers represent long life and admiration. What beautiful sentiments to send to someone as they heal!



Here Comes The Sun Bouquet


What to Know Before Sending Get-Well Flowers

While it’s important to send a strong message of positivity and hope, there are also a few things to keep in mind when sending get-well flowers to a medical center or hospital. First, choose a smaller or more compact design. Hospital rooms can be cramped and medical professionals need space to work. Make sure your chosen design is long-lasting so it can go home with the patient. Choose blooms that do not have strong fragrance and are allergen-free. You never know who might be allergy-prone. Finally, remember to choose something bright and cheerful to lift spirits and add a positive vibe to the room. 

Before sending anything to a medical center, give them a call to ensure they receive deliveries. Check if there’s a recommended time frame flowers should be delivered. It’s also smart to get your recipient’s room number. Then, you can give it, along with their full name, and the medical center’s name and address, to the florist when you order your arrangement. All of this will ensure a smooth, complete delivery process.

How Will Get-Well Flowers Help?

There’s truly nothing better to send than flowers when someone is sick or healing. Studies show that receiving flowers creates a positive response like none other. Your friend or loved one will be delighted to know you care and are thinking of them. Plus, you’ll brighten their day and show your love and support with the flowers you send.

Be the cheerful encouragement someone needs during their hospital stay. Send beautiful flowers they can enjoy for a long time. Cheer their spirit and their hospital room with beautiful blooms that show you care. For more great tips about choosing the best get-well flowers or how to send them to your local hospital, talk to the floral designers at Bice’s Florist. We’re here to help and will gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you.

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers, or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.