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Posted by Bice's Florist on June 6, 2016 Roses

Recognizing Roses for June

rosesThe month of June is all about recognizing the rose, easily one of the popular flowers no matter what the time of year. Not only is the rose the official birth flower of this month, but June 12th is also Red Rose Day, which gives that one particular shade it’s own day to shine. The designation of the rose as the queen of the flowers is not new – back through time, roses have been desired by royalty, as well as by the rich, the elite and the powerful. In honor of this symbol of love and romance, we have assembled some interesting trivia about the iconic June rose.

Greeks & Romans alike cherished the rose, which had associations in mythology to Aphrodite and Venus; both goddesses of love. The Roman emperor Nero took his obsession with the bloom to impressive levels – legend relates that his guests would often be showered with millions of rose petals during his parties.

rosesThe Egyptian queen Cleopatra insisted that her private chambers were knee deep in red rose petals whenever she was to receive Marc Antony. Because he was often gone, Cleopatra believed that the overwhelming display or beauty, as well as their intoxicating aroma, would ensure that Antony would not stray while he was abroad.
The Christian faith has incorporated the rose as a symbol in its tradition, primarily in association with the Virgin Mary; in Buddhism, Confucius immortalized his love for roses in his writings.

Women in the upper crust of Roman society utilized rose water, perfume and petals as a form of currency; as a bartering tool, these items were also considered to be quite valuable.

rosesEngland’s War of the Roses lasted for over three decades and was so named because each of the two sides adopted a rose as their symbol – The House of York a white rose; and the House of Lancaster a red one.

Whether red roses for your true love, white roses for a wedding or a full palette of roses for a birthday celebration – in June, roses are everywhere! But don’t just give any roses – trust the expert floral designers at Bice’s Florist to design an exquisite bouquet for someone you love.