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Posted by Bice's Florist on March 28, 2016 Flowers Plants

Lawn and Garden Month- Fill Your Home With Spring Flowers

lawn and gardenDuring the month of April, we celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month. We also celebrate National Garden Month, the official observance that Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack established in 2015. By April, in between the unpredictable violent storms that characterize Texas Springs, Fort Worth residents are enjoying the warm weather. When you get to spend as much time outside as Texans do, it is easy to understand how and why people forget to think about bringing a taste of nature into their homes. The Bice’s Florist team is eager to help you transform your home into a warm and inviting spring sanctuary.

To help you fill your home with the brilliant colors and smells of Texas springs, we’ve come up with some suggestions to help you transform your home into a warmer, more inviting and relaxing oasis.

lawn and gardenChase away the “blahs” with our colorful “Sunburst Cube.” We combine tulips, lilies, roses and hydrangeas to create an elegant arrangement that is reminiscent of an early morning sunrise or an evening sunset. Seeded eucalyptus adds texture, and the blue glass vase and the colored crystals on the bottom give the arrangement a touch of bling that elevates the sophistication to a level befitting a formal indoor garden party.

If you’re going to brighten your Texas home with flowers, then do it on a grand scale. You can’t get much more magnificent than Texas Elegance, where yellow roses earn their star status. The contrast of yellow roses against the white hydrangea creates a sophisticated look the likes of which you’d expect to see in a formal flower garden.lawn and garden

When people think of spring colors, they probably think about pastels. That’s why we believe that our Enchanted Garden arrangement captures the essence of an English cottage garden in spring. National Gardening Month and National Lawn and Garden Month are designed to spread awareness of the historical tradition of gardening in America.

Whether you’re hanging out with your family on a rainy day, or hosting friends, neighbors, colleagues or your church family for a Sunday brunch or dinner, make a point of creating a garden atmosphere inside your home. As you celebrate National Garden Month this April, use this opportunity to remind yourself of the importance of capturing the beauty of nature that Texans love so dearly, by bringing it into your home. The presence of flowers and flowering or green plants will fill your home with the calming effect while boosting the spirits of everyone who lives with you.