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Posted by Bice's Florist on March 4, 2018 Flowers Gifts Uncategorized

International Women’s Day Is Here

With International Women’s Day on the horizon, it’s about time to start thinking about who you’ll be honoring this year. If you’re like us at Bice’s Florist, you’ve probably got lots of women to celebrate on this important day, which is itself devoted to recognizing the achievements of women across the world. It’s also an occasion to set new goals, and indeed many IWD groups establish a theme each year that expresses their vision for the year ahead. Since 1909, the U.S. has been celebrating International Women’s Day, and that has always included thoughtful gifts and gestures of support.

If you’re going to send flowers, send something that really resonates with the purpose of IWD. Our Community Garden design uses all of the colors affiliated with IWD. Purple and green, long associated with the occasion, symbolize loyalty and growth and have historically been identified with women’s struggle for equal rights. Yellow has recently been added to the palette and is meant to suggest a dawning hope or awareness.

The trio look engaging and dynamic when brought together like this, the variety of flowers (and the fun container) offering a vivid reminder of the day’s importance. When you send a floral gift to honor the women in your life who mean the most, it’s best to strike a balance between acknowledging their importance to you and giving them something lovely. Fortunately, flowers achieve both aims.