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One thing we love about flowers, here at Bice’s Florist, the best flower shop in Fort Worth, is the hidden meaning they each carry. Flower arrangements have a lot to say, from the loving gesture itself to the individual blooms that carry their own story. Phalaenopsis Orchids, for instance, were once mistaken for a cluster of moths by a Swedish Naturalist in the mid-1750s, and have since adopted the nickname “the moth orchid.” Cymbidium Orchids are another example. They were named after the Greek word “kymbos” which translates to “boat,” and refers to the boat-like shapes of this orchid’s lip.

Besides their stories, symbolism and deeper meanings can add to the romance or thoughtfulness of gifting an orchid. In China, Cymbidium Orchids are often a popular choice to send to friends, as they represent values, morality, and respected friendship. Orchids in general are a wonderful bloom to send to a significant other, those we highly respect, mothers, and friends. The various meanings they hold are perfect for special occasions or just to make someone smile. Learn why below.

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What Do Orchids Symbolize?


Dating back to the Ancient Greeks, orchids have been a symbol of fertility and even used to predict a baby’s gender prior to birth. Today, orchids are a perfect gift or decor piece for baby showers, baptism celebrations, or perhaps weddings if the couple hopes to grow a family.


Prince “Charming” didn’t get his name from being average. If you’re looking for a way to stand out to your crush or sweetheart, orchids are a beautiful choice in lieu of roses, as they represent charm. Let yourself be unique and charming with lovely orchids.


Similarly, orchids also symbolize love. If you’re looking for something different, rather than a traditional rose or a classic tulip, orchids can be the best surprise for the one you love. If you really want to drive this meaning of love home, look for red, pink, purple, or lavender orchids, as these colors also represent passion, love, romance, admiration, beauty, elegance, and grace.


Europe is just one of many countries that admire orchids for their beauty. Numerous cultures around the world often associate this bloom with true natural beauty. Therefore, as unique as they are, orchids are commonly gifted to those who are seen as beautiful inside and out.


Orchids took on the meaning of refinement in the Victorian ages, as they became cherished and admired by royalty and other wealthy families. Today, especially purple orchids, this flower is still recognized as a symbol of regality and refinement. Send some purple orchids to your own refined “queen” or “king,” like your mother, father, or significant other.


The gesture of giving flowers to someone is thoughtful enough itself. However, these awe-inspiring blooms are not as common as roses, peonies, lilies, daisies, etc. so are seen as special, rare, and unique. Especially as blue orchids are a symbol of rarity, uniqueness, and beauty, they carry a significant layer of thoughtfulness all their own.

Orchids are special flowers with an endearing backstory. From their physical attractiveness to their symbolism of fertility, charm, love, beauty, refinement, and thoughtfulness, they might just be an ideal choice for your next occasion. Find the freshest and most divine orchids here at Bice’s Florist.