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Posted by Bice's Florist on July 29, 2016 | Last Updated: September 2, 2016 Back to School Plants

Gifts for the First Day of School

first day of school

It’s back-to-school season again, and everyone’s thoughts are turning to classrooms and textbooks. As you prepare for the transition, the experts at Bice’s Florist have a few suggestions as to how to celebrate the first day of school and make it more special for everyone involved! Whether you are looking for gifts for students and teachers or to decorate a dorm room – we’ve got everything you need. first day of school

Bright Florals for Teachers – Summer ending does not necessitate that we have a gloomy demeanor. Back to school is exciting, and offers a fresh start – and these beautifully vivid gerbera daisies will go a long way to making everyone in the classroom smile. Let your child’s teacher know that you look forward to a great year!

Choose to Go Green – Green plants are known to help purify the air, and to encourage an atmosphere of calm and productivity – exactly what a teacher wishes for in her classroom! Choose from green or flowering plants, dish gardens, tropical plants and more. If you have a request, just let us know!

Accessorize the Dorm Room – Especially if your student is away for the first time, sending a green plant from home should help with the big changes to their lifestyle. Again, green plants help concentration and studying, which is perfect for a college student. But we also suggest adding a gourmet gift or snack basket as well – after all, late night cram sessions require great snacks!

Encourage Young Children – Elementary age children sometimes feel a bit anxious about a new teacher and new friends. Surprise them on the first day of school with flowers just for them. They will be proud to know that you believe in them and that they are going to do great!

Don’t Forget the Staff – From the front desk to the guidance offices, there are dedicated people who will be influencing your student on a daily basis. Beautify their surroundings with an elegant orchid, which fits perfectly into an office environment and reminds them every day that they are appreciated.

first day of schoolYou’ll find the best back-to-school gifts for students and teachers right here at Bice’s Florist. We can’t stop the summer vacation from ending, but we can help to make the first day of school awesome.