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Posted by Bice's Florist on September 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Autumn floral design Flowers Plants

Gather Up Mums To Brighten Your Autumn

Decorating for fall has never been easier than when you include a few of the many varieties of chrysanthemums available during this season. Mums bloom in so many different colors, many of which are autumnal and will go with every decor this season. Plus, the outstanding number of varieties means you can create eclectic designs throughout your Fort Worth home or office that show off your creativity. Looking to send beautiful blooms for special fall occasions? Mums deliver a cheerful greeting that will delight friends and loved ones alike. Take a look at some of our favorite mums at Bice’s Florist and discover new ways to include mums in your fall season.

Daisy Mum Plants

Not only do mums come in over 40 species and thousands of varieties of blooms, but they are also an excellent variety to grow on your own. Whether you keep it in a planter or grow in your garden, growing your own mums like our Festive Mum Plant makes a beautiful, long-lasting addition to your home, front porch or fall garden. Choose to update your landscape with beautiful chrysanthemum plants.

Spider Mums

Known for their similarity to a spider’s legs, the spider chrysanthemum is characterized by long, thin tubular petals that grow in every direction, creating a delicate, lacy appearance that adds elegance and style to any floral bouquet. Often found in beautiful fall colors, these fabulous blooms bring rich texture and a unique flair to their surroundings. Our Fall Brights Bouquet is a perfect example of what purple spider mums can do for your fall decor.

Decorating With Mums

With so much rich texture and pops of color available, mums are a quick and inexpensive way to add a beautiful element to your fall decor, long before Halloween and Thanksgiving arrive. If you choose potted mums, place them in interesting containers, like a copper pot, small terra cotta containers, or oversized urns for intriguing decor. Opt for extra-texture when you choose spider mums or quilled mums, or enjoy an abundance of color with the pompon or anemone varieties. For smaller spaces or to use as centerpieces, place a few stems of brightly-colored single blooms in mason jars or other glass vases and line the mantel or dining table with gorgeous, fresh color. No matter where you place mums, you can be sure that their showy blooms will freshen your fall decor beautifully.

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful way to celebrate fall. Choose to decorate with gorgeous pops of color, intriguing varieties and lush texture when you include mums in your home or office decor. Or, send beautiful mums to someone special this fall for a special occasion or for no reason at all! When you include mums, the design and gift possibilities are endless. Talk to the floral designers at Bice’s Florist to learn more about mums and how to add them to your fall right away!