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Posted by Bice's Florist on September 5, 2017 | Last Updated: February 3, 2020 Housewarming Gifts

Flowers & Plants for Housewarming Parties

housewarming parties

If you have ever moved into a new home, especially in a new area, you know that the whole process can be a bit stressful. Between wrangling hundreds of boxes, several children, and figuring out when the internet company will be showing up, there is a lot going on. It can be a relief when the knock at the door reveals a friendly face offering a home cooked meal, a helping hand, or simply a smile to say “welcome to the neighborhood”.

If one of your family members or friends have moved, you may wish to help them settle in and feel like they are home. History tells us that the original housewarming parties, hundreds of years ago, were arranged to provide firewood to new homeowners so they could survive the winter – quite literally “house-warming”. But times have changed, and Bice’s Flowers has the floral arrangements and plants that will instead warm their hearts and help to make their house a home. 

Beautiful compact design perfect for a desk.

Safari Sunset


Nothing brightens the atmosphere quite like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It doesn’t matter which flowers you choose – Safari Sunset, seen above, celebrates a palette of blue and peach which would be perfect for any new home. Asters, roses, mums and hydrangea are adorned with safari sunset and natural twigs for a design which just seems to say “Welcome home”.

Lilies are also a wonderful gift for housewarming parties. Arranged in classic containers, they are graceful and delicate enough to fit into any type of home decor, and add just the right touch of beauty and elegance.

Everyone loves pink!  Fragrant stargazer lilies, pink carnations and pink roses pop with pink in this delightful bouquet.

Pops Of Pink

If a new neighbor has moved into your neighborhood, head over and say hello. Bring a floral arrangement or flowering plant from Bice’s Florist – we think it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. For housewarming parties or any other occasion, we are your go-to source in Fort Worth for all things beautiful.