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Posted by Bice's Florist on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Birthdays Flowers

Flowers to Celebrate 2017 Birthstones

birthstonesAs we turn the page to 2017 and consider all of the possibility that a new year holds, we look forward to celebrating the many special occasions with our friends and neighbors in Fort Worth. Birthdays come but once a year, but they do come every year – and they are some of our favorite moments with loved ones. There are many ways to share the happiness on someone’s birthday, but few are as beautiful as bouquets based on precious gemstones.
birthstonesEach month of the year has a birthstone associated with it, and each gem has its own unique color. Creating floral designs that embody the spirit of the birthstone is a fantastic way to deliver a personal and thoughtful gift. In January, the birthstone is the garnet, a deep red stone that seems to glow from within. Red roses and gerbera daisies are two of the flowers that exhibit the rich hue of this stone, and so make appropriate choices for a birthday bouquet. In February, the purple amethyst has the spot of honor, and lavender roses, hyacinth or violets will make a stunning purple arrangement.

March and December give us the opportunity to be inspired by aquamarine and turquoise respectively, and blue hydrangea will make a gorgeous bouquet.

In April, the diamond takes center stage, while the pearl and the opal represent June and October – choose white roses, lilies, or orchids, and embellish with crystal jewels and “bling”.  May brings us the emerald and August the peridot, both unique shades of green that are well served by green orchids and mums.

The heat of July showcases the ruby, and red flowers are once again on display. September is proud to present the sapphire – delphinium is a popular choice – while November presents the topaz. While the amber color of topaz doesn’t correspond to any florals, you can choose white flowers and place in an amber vase with metallic accents for a festive gift.

Using birthstones as inspiration is a beautiful way to honor your loved one’s special days. Call Bice’s Florist and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to create a custom bouquet just for their birthday.