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Posted by Bice's Florist on July 6, 2017 | Last Updated: July 9, 2017 Flowers

Designing with Summer Hydrangea

summer hydrangeaSummer days are carefree, light and airy – and there may be no more perfect floral representation of the joy of summertime than the hydrangea. With dreamy color palettes and delicate petals, this flower is the perfect backdrop for the season, as well as for many summer floral arrangements. However, here at Bice’s Florist we believe that these beauties deserve some recognition of their own, and to that end would like to introduce you to the summer hydrangea, a gorgeous flower in its own right.

Loved Throughout the World: The hydrangea is found growing everywhere from America to Asia, and comes in 75 varieties. It blooms primarily from late spring to early fall, making it a true summer flower. 

summer hydrangea

Although there are a few hybridized varieties that bloom in other colors, summer hydrangea are overwhelmingly found in shades of pink, purple and blue. The color of the flowers is less determined by the species of the plant, and has more to do with the alkalinity or acidity of the soil it is growing in. If the soil is more acidic, the flowers will be blue, and if the soil’s Ph is more alkaline, the flowers will be pink. Incredibly, if the soil is neutral, the same plant can produce both pink and blue flowers on the same bush.

Good Enough to Eat? Although the summer hydrangea looks like it could be delicious, it is actually mildly toxic – so keep it well out of the reach of curious pets. summer hydrangea

You may have seen summer hydrangea that is green or yellowish in color, as seen above. That is because the original color of the sepals is actually green, but as the flower grows, the green is overpowered by the pink or blue. Variations in light can cause the green to remain or to show through, resulting in the various shades.

While it is more common to see hydrangea as a “supporting player” in floral arrangements, we recommend calling Bice’s Florist and asking for a big bouquet of standalone summer hydrangea to enhance your home decor. We know you’ll love this elegant flower – it is the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful Fort Worth summer.