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Bring the perfect Gift to Your Thanksgiving Host

November brings beautiful fall colors, shorter days and the Thanksgiving Holidays. Around the country, people are preparing to welcome family and friends into their homes. Bringing a gift for the host is a traditional way to show your gratitude for those who have worked hard to prepare the feast. Bice’s Florist in the Ft. Worth area has lots of options for that perfect gift!

The tradition of bringing a gift to your Thanksgiving host

Bringing a gift for your host or hostess has been a time-honored custom for many years. Since Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation, a thoughtful gift will show your host how much you enjoy their company and the effort put forth to make the holiday truly special

Gifts to Celebrate Friendsgiving

Fine Fall Roses Bouquet

Friendsgiving combines the holiday of Thanksgiving with friendship gatherings on or near Thanksgiving Day. Celebrating genuine friendships with a special meal emphasizing fun and gratitude has become an important holiday Tradition. Often, the host or hostess will serve meal that is similar to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but the menu can also include foods not traditionally served at this time of year. Here are some of the best host gifts to consider for this special holiday meal:

  • Luxury Soaps: For the hostess, a gift of scented, imported soaps will allow her to fully relax after the business of the holidays.
  • Flowers/Plants: A classic gift, Bice’s Florist has amazing options for your hostess. The Fine Fall Roses bouquet includes a lovely square vase with roses in an array of fall colors.
  • Glass Wine Decanter: What hostess wouldn’t enjoy a glass of wine in the evening after a busy day? Include a bottle of your favorite wine to make a memorable gift. To complement your wine, bring our Bordeaux bouquet and show your appreciation.
  • Party Game: As friends gather for Friendsgiving, an excellent option to bring to the gathering is a board or card game to share with everyone after the meal.

Meeting the In-Laws for Thanksgiving

Holiday Candles

Whether it is your first Thanksgiving together or your tenth, having dinner with your in-laws on a special occasion can be cause some apprehension. For the son-in law or daughter-in-law who wants to impress, a well-received gift is essential. Here are a few gift ideas to make sure you make an unforgettable impression:

  • Candles: Choosing a candle or candle display that fits in with your in-laws décor is a welcomed gift that adds color and fragrance to the home.
  • Personalized notecards: Choose a pattern or color that your mother-in-law will love as she writes notes to friends and family.
  • Send ahead flowers: Bice’s Florist would be happy to send an arrangement such as the Seasonal Sophistication arrangement or the Bordeaux bouquet, both with gorgeous autumn colors.
  • Coffee Gift Basket: Fill a basket with a variety of coffees in many flavors, and make sure to include a unique coffee cup or two.

Gifts for Traditional Thanksgiving with Family

Seasonal Sophistication

Enjoying time with your family and a festive holiday dinner is something that makes this time of year especially enjoyable! Your family may always gather at a central location for this occasion, or maybe the family members take turns hosting the meal. Bringing a gift will let the host know how much you honor the time and effort your loved ones have put forth to make Thanksgiving a meaningful gathering.

  • Cookbook: Find out your host’s favorite celebrity chef and add a cookbook or two to their collection.
  • Apron: For the serious cook, choose an apron that will showcase your host’s interests or a fun pattern for use during the preparation of all holiday meals.
  • Decorative Floral Centerpiece: Every holiday table needs a great centerpiece! The Cushion Mum Plant from the experts of Bice’s Florist is the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Holiday Throw: As the weather cools down, your hosts will welcome a warm blanket with holiday motifs for the upcoming winter evenings.

Choosing a gift for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration can seem daunting at times. For a gift that will always please, let the floral experts at Bice’s Florist in Ft. Worth design an arrangement that you can be proud to send to your host. We also have an array of plants to choose from. Bice’s Florist will help you show your gratitude to your hosts during this festive holiday season.