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Posted by Bice's Florist on May 16, 2016 Graduation

Bice’s Florist Graduation Flowers 2016

graduation flowersAs graduation season approaches and ceremonies are being planned, the excitement is building. Nearly 6 million students are closing their books, putting the finishing touches on their final papers, and cleaning out their dorm rooms. As amazing as the last several years have been, it is time to move on. And along with the friends and families of our students, we are excited to celebrate their achievements and accomplishments, sending them on their way to the next pgraduation flowershase of life.

We may think that the American custom of wearing traditional caps and gowns represents standard graduation day attire, however not every country follows those guidelines. Students in Sweden are more likely to be seen graduating in a white sailor hat and sash, subsequently parading through their cities and towns in a celebratory walk. Stay alert if you are graduating in Argentina – tradition dictates that family and friends throw eggs, flour, and other sticky foods at you in the name of good luck. Giving sentimental gifts to recent graduates is custom we all share, however; and since ancient times, flowers have been a customary and beautiful offering during times of transition.

Flowers have inherent meanings that allow you to create a congratulatory graduation arrangement that will head to the top of the class. For instance, a bouquet of orange and yellow roses tells them that you are proud of their distinctive achievement; adding a purple iris is a nod to the wisdom that they have obtained, and the stately gladioli signifies victory and success while adding grandeur to the display. Add palm or laurel leaves to add an air of triumph to the entire bouquet.

We are your go-to source in Fort Worth for all your graduation day gift needs! Send a floral arrangement to someone across the country, or pick up a bouquet to hand deliver to your special student. Either way, Bice’s Florist is happy to help!