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Posted by Bice's Florist on March 11, 2017 | Last Updated: March 14, 2017 Birthdays floral design Flowers

Celebrating April Birthdays with Spring Daisies

spring daisies

Daisies are perhaps one of the most prolific flowers in the world. With over 23,000 varieties, these cheerful flowers grow on every continent except Antarctica – and although the classic yellow and while English daisy may be the most iconic, daisies come in every color of the rainbow, and in many different forms. They are a very popular bloom in the springtime, as the perfect embodiment of carefree warm days and lazy afternoons with loved ones. Freshen up your home with a big bouquet of spring daisies, and bring the sunshine in!

April Birthdays: The daisy is not only the perfect spring flower, it is also the birth flower of April. So when it comes time to celebrate the April birthdays of your friends and family, make sure to call Bice’s Florist – we’ll create a floral design with all their favorite colors and flowers, featuring the blossom of the month. 

spring daisiesOne of the more popular daisy varieties, especially when it comes to floral design, is the gerbera daisy. It is considered one of the top 5 cut flowers, with a beautiful large flower which blooms in every color (except for blues and purples) and sits atop a thick, sturdy stem A bouquet of gerberas is gorgeous in its own right, but they also blend exceptionally well with the other traditional spring flowers – roses, tulips, carnations, alstroemeria, hydrangea, and more.

Fun Daisy Facts: One of the daisy’s cousin is the artichoke, strangely enough. But the daisy is also completely edible, from its petals to its leaves. Its pleasant taste makes it a fun and colorful addition to salads, soups and even as the greens on salads. Daisies are also used around the world as a brewed tea, both to ease coughing and to aid in digestion.

For all of the freshest and most beautiful flowers – guaranteed to deliver all of the vibrancy of the season into your home – call Bice’s Flowers. From April’s spring daisies to the most exquisite floral designs, we are Fort Worth’s premiere choice.