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Bice's Florist

Posted by Bice's Florist on July 30, 2018 Back to School Gifts

A Garden Gift For The Teacher

The start of a new school year brings many new opportunities and experiences. This is a great time for a fresh start, to make a good impression and get off on the right foot. As you anticipate your first day of school, think about all the hard work your teachers have already put into planning for you. What a great time to show your gratitude (and set yourself apart!) with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers from Bice’s Florist. Set a positive tone from the very start with a gift your teacher will truly value.

A lasting arrangement that your teacher can enjoy on her desk all year is our Succulent Gardens, a trendy variety of earth tones and textures that will bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to your classroom. The different shades and textures will also stimulate creativity and cognitive processes in students- what a great addition to any teacher’s desk!

When you really want to shine, start off with a great first impression and let your teacher know you’re glad she’s yours. Bring a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from Bice’s Florist to open house or have them delivered straight to her classroom the week before school starts. She’ll be impressed and delighted and you’ll be off to a successful start!