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Posted by Bice's Florist on January 28, 2016 | Last Updated: December 23, 2020 Flowers Valentine's Day

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Flowers for Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsAlthough it may feel like the new year has just begun, Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Nothing is more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than flowers. The most popular flowers for this romantic holiday are lilies, orchids, roses, and tulips.


We decided to take this opportunity to give you a bit of background on these flowers, and to talk about their meanings, and what the different colors symbolize.




Orchids are delicate and dainty flowers. These exotic beauties are associated with beauty, love, luxury, strength and refinement. Historically, many cultures, especially the Chinese, believed that orchids had disease-fighting, healing, and protective properties. When you give someone a gift of orchids, you are symbolically suggesting that you want to seduce them. A gift of orchids such as this delightful collection of Dramatic Orchid Plants conveys a suggestion of preciousness and seduction.

flower meanings



Roses are the most popular and widely sold flower for Valentine’s Day. The red rose is THE most popular Valentine’s Day flower. It is a universal symbol of passionate love, beauty, and perfection. A white rose suggests purity. If you give someone a gift of red and white roses in one bouquet, you’re passionate love for them is also pure love. These two colors in combination symbolize unity and the suggestion that you’re one with the person to whom you give them.


A gift of one Dozen Yellow Roses is an indication that you see the recipient as committed, dedicated, devout, enthusiastic, passionate and zealous.

flower meanings

A Combination of Roses, Lilies and Tulips and Orchids

If you’re wanting to tell someone that you see them as very regal, and that your love is heavenly and pure, while asking them to forgive you for anything you might have done wrong, you can say all of that without having to utter a word with our spectacular White Elegance arrangement.


Valentine’s Day is a super busy time for floral shops. Whether you’re looking for flowers that convey your passionate love, or flowers that deliver a more subtle message, you can count on our floral design experts at Bice’s Florist to help you choose or customize an arrangement that will warm your loved one’s heart.