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Bice's Florist

Posted by flowermanager on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer

The Best Blooms For That Room

Everyone wants to create a home that’s welcoming and inviting, not only to guests but even to the people who live there. As you think about your style and how you’d like to decorate your home, think about adding a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a long-lasting plant to create depth and color in each space. Your dining room is a perfect place for flowers, and Bice’s Florist has all the flowers- and advice- you’re looking for to make your dining room table decor complete.

A simple piece that has a dramatic effect in any room is our Daydream. Sweet dendrobium orchids and succulents nestle together in a clear glass vase with a unique shape that will compliment your dining room without taking over. Add this gorgeous touch to your next formal dinner spread without overwhelming the meal itself. Succulents and orchids are long-lasting and will give your table new life.

Your dining room table isn’t finished until you have the perfect centerpiece that reflects your personality and style. Talk to the floral experts at Bice’s Florist about an arrangement with your colors and textures in mind. Complete your look and bring out your style with flowers that compliment your decor.