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Posted by Bice's Florist on February 12, 2018 floral design Flowers Love and Romance

Take Their Breath Away This February

It’s Creative Romance Month, and that can only mean one thing: you, trying hard to be creative in how you express your romantic feelings.

If we’re right, not to worry, Bice’s Florist has just the flowers for you to give to be fully within the spirit of the month. You don’t have to work too hard to be innovative and unexpected in how you communicate your feelings; all you need to do is think a little outside of the box.

Rather than overthink your gift (or your plans), just open yourself up to the many options that exist. Instead of a nice dinner out, take a pasta-making class. Instead of going to see that romantic movie, go zip lining or take a walk at sunset. It’s the same with flowers. There are so many beautiful designs out there, and not all of them involve red and pink roses. Take our Timeless, for instance.

You can’t get more swoon-worthy than this European-style arrangement, with its intriguing shape and Old World hues. Deep purple and crimson give the overall piece a depth of feeling, while pink carnations add a lightness of spirit. This design feels different than the typical romantic bouquet, and yet it communicates all that and more. Be a little outside of the box this February with your floral gifts. You won’t regret it once you see the result.