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Posted by Bice's Florist on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: January 17, 2020 Autumn Gifts

Rustic Arrangements for Veterans Day

Bright red roses arranged amongst white Peruvian lilies and assorted greens. Accented with an American Flag. This stunning bouquet arrives arranged in a clear glass vase

America The Beautiful

Long ago, in 1926, President Calvin Coolidge was asked to officially declare that on November 11, Americans would celebrate “Armistice Day.” A way to commemorate the end of WWI – which had ended on the same day in 1918 – the U.S. would join Canada, Australia and Great Britain in celebrating armistice. Eventually, Armistice Day evolved into Veterans Day, with its own flag, own rituals and slightly different angle; instead of commemorating the end of WWI, we now honor all retired and active military who have served. We have parades, festivals, marches and 5K runs, and thanks to Bice’s Florist, we have rustic arrangements to send our vets, too.

Offer your favorite patriot something as bold and brave as they are. With our Ocean Sunset design, you’ve got a mix of flowers – among them daisies and roses – all of which make a real impact, and yet stay within the seasonal range of colors. This is the kind of piece that will suit anyone, even someone who isn’t used to buying flowers or receiving them.


A beautiful, fresh design of fluffy hydrangea and roses with luscious greens.

Ocean Sunset

While you’re at the downtown parade, stick around Sundance Square and thank the vets you see. And consider how happy the gesture of sending a rustic arrangement like this from Bice’s Florist would make them. It’s both a tribute to their service and a smart-looking Fall piece they can put anywhere.