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Posted by Bice's Florist on April 9, 2018 Admin Prof Day Flowers Gifts Holidays Plants Spring

Raise Awareness On Behalf Of Your Desktop

Administrative Professionals Day is on the horizon (April 25), and we here at Bice’s Florist know just the thing to kick things off. We’re calling it “Desktop Awareness,” and it’s our own personal way to bring attention to the dire straits our work spaces often find themselves in after a long winter. Bereft of flowers and plants, our desks look empty and lifeless. They deserve more.

If your desk faces a room full of other desks, tulips are exactly what the doctor ordered. Cheer up your work space and everyone else’s with an array of spring’s stunners. These rise high, right up alongside your monitor, and can even offer you a little privacy. The best part is, everyone in the office will be able to see and enjoy them.

Then again, a little something posed just so to the side of your monitor is always a fit. A succulent garden for your desktop in a glass bowl is a subtle reminder that nature awaits outside. Succulents make good office plants because they don’t require a lot of sun or water.

Make this Admin Prof Day the best every by making sure your most hard-working professionals have something as great as  they are on their  desks.