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Posted by Bice's Florist on July 11, 2017 | Last Updated: January 31, 2020 Flowers

Celebrate Friends & Sisters on National Friendship Day

friendship“It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.”

The first week of August contains both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. In other words, some of your most special relationships are recognized during this time of year!  Often, our sisters and our best friends are one and the same. What better way to show your appreciation for that special person in your life than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Bice’s Florist has everything you need to show your best friend and sister that she means the world to you.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Humans are naturally social creatures and we need relationship with other people. To find that friend that will go through anything by your side is a valuable find, indeed. To recognize the importance of friends, Congress decided in 1935 to set aside the first Sunday in August as National Friendship Day.

This day has also been set aide for National Sisters Day. What a great opportunity to celebrate, reconnect or remember our sisters! These bonds are like no other- the unique relationship between siblings lasts a lifetime. Whether actual relatives or friends who feel as close as family, honor the special people in your life by sending a floral arrangement to show them how much they mean to you.

Send this joyful summertime bouquet of Roses and Sunflowers to your loved ones today!

Summer Blooms

Our Summer Blooms design, featured above, makes a perfect gift. Including stargazer lilies, roses and hydrangea, this arrangement is as fun, bright and sweet as your best friend. Include a personal note to make your gift especially meaningful.

The bonds of friendship and sisterhood are strong and enduring. The floral designers at Bice’s Florist want to help you celebrate all of these amazing people this summer. Whether they live here in Fort Worth, or across the country, we are happy to help. Shop our extensive collection, or call us today to create a bouquet of their favorite flowers.