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Posted by Bice's Florist on April 28, 2016 | Last Updated: March 5, 2020 Mother's Day

🌸 Mother’s Day Flower Meanings | Bice’s Favorites

Through the centuries and across countries and cultures, the celebration of mothers has been recognized in various ways. The ancient Greeks to the modern-day, honoring the matriarch of the family has always been an important part of our lives.

The official observance of Mothers’ Day that we take part in here in America only started about 100 years ago, when Anna Jarvis petitioned to make Mother’s Day an annual entry on the national calendar. Sadly, she later regretted the effort, as her original intentions were overshadowed by the commercialization of the day. However, we believe the original heart and sentiment of this special holiday still reigns.

Express yourself colorfully with a brilliant array of roses, lilies and other favorites beautifully arranged in a sparkling clear glass cylinder vase.

Bright Smiles

Whether you decide to do something extravagant for mom or are just planning something small to show you care – flowers are always a traditional go-to gift!

This Mothers’ Day, plan to create a unique bouquet that perfectly embodies your mother’s special qualities.

Each flower has a distinct meaning and symbolism; when selected with the intention of celebrating someone, the bouquet takes on a truly personal significance. Shop from our curated Mother’s Day collection, or check out our gift guide to get more perfect ideas from Bice’s.

Seven large white calla lilies are mixed with small aralia leaves, variegated aspidistra leaves and delicate lily grass in a clear glass vase.

My Fair Lady

When choosing flowers based on their symbolic nature, floral arrangements become more meaningful and heartfelt. For instance:

-Pink roses are meant to show appreciation and gratitude; the overriding sentiment of the day.

-Pink calla lilies also express deep thankfulness for all she has done for you.

-White chrysanthemums signify true loyalty, trait mothers exude more than any other person in your life.


As your making plans for Mothers’ Day this year, you’ll want to include fresh-cut blooms and a personalized card to make her day even more special. The floral designers here at Bice’s Florist are eager to get started on your one of a kind creation – allow us to be your first choice for flowers for all of your Fort Worth celebrations.