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Honoring Those Who Adopt Puppies


National Puppy Day was established in 2007 by animal rights advocate Colleen Paige, who was hoping to illuminate some pressing issues affecting puppies – namely overpopulation, the abuses of some puppy mills, and the fate of shelter dogs. The day is set aside primarily to encourage prospective owners to adopt rescue or shelter dogs when looking for new furry family members.

At Bice’s Florist, we have beautiful floral designs perfect to celebrate the dog lover in your life or to thank the Fort Worth volunteers and shelter workers who are dedicated to rescuing these animals, as well as loving them and fostering them until a new home is found. 



Here are some interesting statistics from the ASPCA that bring into focus the issues that our puppies and dogs encounter:

* It is estimated that approximately 42% of U.S. citizens are dog owners. Still, nearly 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters annually.

* Puppies are sometimes born in the shelter but are often rescued from an abusive situation such as illegal or inhumane breeders.

* Of the dogs that are surrendered, over 90% are NOT considered to have “behavioral issues”. In other words, generally these are lovable, socialized animals who are there through no fault of their own. .


* Shelter workers annually re-home approximately 35% of the puppies and dogs;  one-third will be euthanized. Approximately 26% of stray dogs brought into the shelter are reunited with their family.

* Although puppies have a higher success rate of finding a new forever home, less than 30% of pet puppies in the United States are adopted from a shelter.

Shelter and rescue dogs are known to be great additions to families, and the caring people who work with the dogs are committed to finding the perfect fit based on each dog’s personality. If you are considering the addition of a furry friend, the organizers of National Puppy Day encourage you to visit a local shelter  – but if not, please consider a small donation in honor of National Puppy Day.

No matter the occasion, Bice’s Florist has flowers, plants, and gifts that are perfect to commemorate all your special moments – like the adoption of a new puppy!