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Posted by Bice's Florist on September 3, 2017 Homecoming

Texas-Sized Homecoming Mums for the Dance

homecoming mums

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and around here, few thing are bigger than football. Fort Worth area high schools and colleges alike are currently  preparing for their homecoming weekend celebrations, which showcase the football game as the centerpiece of the festivities. Homecoming also offers another Texas-sized tradition – the homecoming mum! If you are looking for mums, or any other formal flowers, call Bice’s Florist first.

The First Homecoming: NCAA historians recognize the University of Missouri as the official birthplace of the homecoming tradition. In 1911, their athletic director asked alumni to “come home” to attend the game, promising parties, parades, and pep rallies. The concept quickly caught on across the nation, and other traditions such as the homecoming court and formal dance were added soon after. And although corsages were always given during such occasions, it was a Texan who first decided on designing the bouquet with a single mum.

The Mum Tradition: Although the corsage originally was a single, small mum with some ribbons, the idea began to grow quickly. In the 1970s, homecoming mums were becoming more showy and elaborate, a trend which has continued to this day. In fact, the mums given at this year’s homecoming dance will be so large that a silk mum has replaced a real flower for the design, which also incorporates large ribbons, charms, bows, bells, and cowbells – as well as even stuffed animals! Recent innovations include LED lights which light the way to the dance. When it comes to mums, the bigger and more elaborate the better!

Instead of a Boutonniere: Guys have their own version of the mum, called the garter – an elastic band worn around the upper arm that has the same features as the mum they give to their date, although on a much smaller scale.

Until recently, homecoming mums were really only found in Texas-area schools,but neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Louisiana have joined in the fun.

Bice’s Florist is always ready to help you to celebrate your special occasions with flowers. For homecoming or any other big event, just give us a call.