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Posted by Bice's Florist on December 15, 2017 floral design Flowers

Folk Art Flowers For 2018

Want to update your floral scheme for the new year rolls? Us too.

Here at Bice’s Florist, we look to International Floral Distributors’ annual trend report, which seeks to capture the floral designs that will be popular in the coming year. The styles IFD identified for 2018 are all intriguing, from posh, romantic looks to a floral aesthetic inspired by the Mediterranean. In today’s blog, we want to focus on the one that we see as the most fun: Folk Art Reinvented.

This energetic, quirky style makes use of one of next year’s biggest floral trends: bright colors. The faded hues of last year are, well, fading away in favor of bold, modern colors. Folk Art Reinvented takes note of this and blends those bright blooms with origami artistry in an artistic, hippie-meets-country chic style. We think our Essence of Spring arrangement demonstrates this approach nicely. 

It’s sweet, for sure, but also energetic and full of personality. One of the hallmarks of this floral design trend is flowers are brought together in baskets and glass vases, items that underscore the upbeat, youthful spirit of the flowers in combination with each other. This is a look that celebrates the artistic spirit; it’s not overdone or overworked. Blooms are often scattered in bud vases across a table or grouped together in differently-sized arrangements. It’s really about expressing individuality.

Let us at Bice’s Florist help you seize on this fun trend, which to us seems perfect for spring.