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Posted by Bice's Florist on June 24, 2016 Summer

Floral July Birthdays

july birthdaysPrecious gemstones have always been coveted, but it wasn’t until 15th century Poland that the most sought after jewels were assigned to represent the birthdays of those born during specific months. The original list is vastly different than our modern one, which has changed as recently as fifteen years ago. However, for over one hundred years, the ruby has stood as the official birthstone of July and why not? With all of the ruby’s heat and fire, it is the perfect stone to symbolize the heat of the summer months.

If you want to make an impression, give all of your July birthday celebrants some rubies! But if that doesn’t seem like it is an option, don’t give up on this passionate birthstone. Allow the floral artists at Bice’s to capture the essence of the “King’s Stone” – our floral creations of luxurious red roses, carnations, gerbera daisies and more are a beautiful floral representation of the precious stone. The Color Your Day Red Bouquet exudes the same vibrant tone of the rare ruby and is designed to showcase some of Bice’s favorite flowers. Inspire creativity, passion, and adventure this season by sending this precious jewel of a bouquet.

july birthdays july birthdays

If you find your way to the other side of the color spectrum, you’ll find that the July birth flower is the striking blue delphinium. This summer favorite is loved by gardeners and florists, providing another layer of dimension and flair to their bouquets and arrangements by adding a cool backdrop. Over time, the delphinium has become synonymous with a positive outlook and is the perfect offsetting color to the hot July months. For a birthday bouquet that combines all things July, have our experts create an arrangement with ruby red, delphinium blue and sunshine yellow.

Designing a work of art inspired by rubies is just one way our experts at Bice’s Florist bring creativity and personality to work every day. Tell us what you wish to convey, and we’ll create a unique bouquet they won’t soon forget.