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Posted by Bice's Florist on March 8, 2016 Plants

Earth Day 2016

earth dayWhen it comes to protecting and saving our planet, apparently one day is not enough – there are actually two official Earth Days on our calendar. Both were instituted to bring awareness and demand action in regards pollution and conservation, but there is also a colorful history behind the dueling holidays.



  • John McConnell decided on the first day of Spring, known as the vernal equinox, as the ideal day to hold the first Earth Day. The Spring and Fall Equinoxes are the only two dates during which night and day are evenly split; the concept of equilibrium “spoke” to McConnell and evoked the harmony he was looking to achieve.
  • In the same time frame, Senator Gaylord Nelson was planning a similar observance. According to McConnell, the Senator reached out to propose the two merge their energy and resources to create one event, but McConnell declined.
  • The Equinox Earth Day occurred a month before Nelson’s; and even gained the support of the United Nations- however, the Equinox date never really caught on.
  • Equinox Earth Day is considered to be more intellectual, high brow and scientific in nature; while April 22nd was established by Nelson to educate and motivate citizens to demand governmental action.
  • Earth Day is often extended to be called Earth Week, with events taking place coast to coast. Tree planting campaigns are popular; and with Arbor Day just after Earth Day on the calendar, many are capitalizing on the synergy.
  • The overwhelming success of the original April 22 Earth Day “Teach In” – with over 20 million Americans participating – is credited with providing the validity needed for the establishment of the EPA, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Protection Act.
  • Fort Worth has several annual festivals and parades – even an Earth Party – so you can enjoy Earth Day locally with your entire family.



At Bice’s Florist, every day is Earth Day – we always celebrate the beauty of plants and flowers, which provide so much benefit – in fact, we literally cannot live without them! This Earth Day, fill your home or office with oxygen producing, air purifying, stress releasing plants and flowers!